Novostar apartments offer a new level of holiday comfort. They are a unique opportunity to spend a vacation by the sea with the restfulness of your own home. Each apartment provides maximum convenience and privacy.

The apartments are ideal for those who don’t enjoy sticking to the hotel’s schedule and prefer to plan their own leisure time. They will be a perfect match for you if:
  • you are a big family since children can be accommodated in separate rooms. Even with young children running around, grandparents will find their stay pleasant.
  • you are a big group of people since you and your friends can have fun together and travel any time you want, but also relax separately when needed.
  • you love exploring new countries. You don’t have to make it back in time for dinner in the fear of staying hungry. You don’t have to worry about missing the pre-paid buffet if you decide to go on a trip for a day or two.
  • you are a freelancer. If you need to combine a holiday by the sea with work, our apartments are equipped with state of the art workspaces. Here you can enjoy the serenity that all-inclusive hotels lack.
  • you prefer longer stays. Renting one of Novostar’s apartments for a prolonged period is far more advantageous than staying at a hotel, and don’t get us started on comfort.

The new way to vacation by Novostar

Novostar Apart Monte Carlo residence in Sousse is not just an apartment with all the expected amenities, it is also a service that has quality in accordance with the Novostar concept.

We carefully monitor our guest list to make sure everyone feels comfortable and to eliminate any situations that could potentially spoil the quality of your stay.

Each apartment can be customised for a specific number of incoming guests in terms of the number of beds, the required furniture and equipment, as well as individual requests.

Our guests can also use the additional services provided by apartment hotels at any time, such as:
— room cleaning;
— food from our chef;
— water and groceries delivery;
— laundry services;
— the ability to book tickets/tours/transfers.

All concierge services at Novostar are conducted in the language of the guest so that all misunderstandings and potential discomfort are eliminated. Attention to detail, an aspiration to provide the best service, and their anticipation of requests and expectations from our guests is what characterises the Novostar staff who serve the guests in Novostar Apart Monte Carlo.